Hollow World: MAP SET (Dungeons and Dragons)

By: Aaron Allston

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MAPS ONLY. All 4 maps from the Hollow World campaign set. ~ 1054XXX0701 - Southern Iciria ~ 1054XXX0702 - Northern Iciria ~ 1054XXX0703 (no code) - Outer World Planetary Map. Hollow World Planetary Map. Arctic and Antarctic Maps. ~ 1054XXX0704 - Outer World Postcataclysmic Map. Outer World Precataclysmic Map. Hollow World Diagram. Local Migration History.

Title: Hollow World: MAP SET (Dungeons and Dragons)

Author(s): Aaron Allston

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Publisher catalog ID: TSR 1054

Publisher: TSR: 1990

Format: Maps

Condition grade: Very Good

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