The Embattled Trek (Wee Warriors Classic Reprint)

By: Peter Kesteran & Brett M. Bernstein

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Brand new. ~ The Embattled Trek represents tactical level play of ship-to-ship combat between the forces of two space powers. Due to the novel combat system using subtractive percentages, the game cannot be counted as won until the last of the enemy ships is destroyed or disabled. And simultaneous plotted movement provides a clean-playing, fast game, where one mistake can cost you your fleet. ~ Two sizes of counters are provided to allow for hex-map play or use in tabletop gaming. Three-dimensional ships may also be used with these rules. ~ This piece of gaming history is a must for collectors, old school gamers, and those looking for a fast-playing starship combat game. With the original on the extremely rare list, this classic reprint of The Embattled Trek has been remastered for a clean print, and is readily available at a low cost. ~ OSR ~ 12 pages

Title: The Embattled Trek (Wee Warriors Classic Reprint)

Author(s): Peter Kesteran & Brett M. Bernstein

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Publisher catalog ID: PLIWW002

Publisher: Precis Intermedia: 2019

Format: Staple Bound

Condition grade: New

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