Timeship (Classic Reprint)

By: Herbie Brennan

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Crisp, glossy cover. Gorgeous. ~ CONTENTS: * Rulebook (48 pages, YAQ 4601) * Timelord Screen (3-panel, light cardstock) * Player aids (maps, drawings; 4-panel, fold-out) * Pad of Personal Data Sheets ~ Yesterday you travelled to 600,000,000 AD and solved a bizarre murder mystery. Today you watch, amazed, as the merchants of Gomorrah trade in vice and corruption. Tomorrow you will stalk the war-torn streets of Berlin in search of Adolph Hitler. You are a time traveller, and there are no more barriers when you play. ~ 62 pages

Title: Timeship (Classic Reprint)

Author(s): Herbie Brennan

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Publisher catalog ID: PLIY 4605

Publisher: Precis Intermedia: 2018

ISBN: 1938270207

ISBN 13: 9781938270208

Condition grade: New

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