Midway City (Tech-Noir Roleplaying Game)

By: Eddy Webb

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In the far future, rich eccentric Clayton Douglas creates a distant planetary colony using elements of 1920-1940s American architecture and technology. Decades of increasingly corrupt and ineffectual Mayors follow Douglas' death, eventually culminating in the administration of the tyrannical Mayor Hoodler, who creates an oppressive police state designed to ruthlessly control society, forcing total conformity to Douglas' original vision. The characters exist in this dystopia amidst cybernetic detectives, mutant mobsters, alien-touched drug lords, vat-bred blue-collar workers, and human hybrids that can see into an alternate dimension known only as the Jade. ~ 144 pages

Title: Midway City (Tech-Noir Roleplaying Game)

Author(s): Eddy Webb

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Publisher catalog ID: ZMG 6076

Publisher: Z-Man Games: 2005

ISBN: 1931748381

ISBN 13: 9781931748384

Format: Paperback

Condition grade: Very Good

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