Rifts: Role-Playing Game - PLAY COPY

By: Kevin Siembieda

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WORN. No writing. A Play copy. ~ 1990 edition. ~ Character classes: Cyborgs, Juicers, Dragons, Crazies, Cyber-knights, Psi- stalkers, Line Walkers, and much more! Super-science and high technology: Bionics, cybernetics, power armor, and mega-damage weapons. A transformed Earth where magic is a reality and supernatural creatures from the rifts stalk human prey. ~ 256 pages

Title: Rifts: Role-Playing Game - PLAY COPY

Author(s): Kevin Siembieda

Categories: Games,

Publisher catalog ID: PAL 800

Publisher: Palladium: 1990

ISBN: 0916211509

ISBN 13: 9780916211509

Format: Paperback

Condition grade: Fair

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