Combat Shield (Dungeons & Dragons) - NO MINI-ADVENTURE

By: David Cook

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NO MINI-ADVENTURE. Exterior has surface wear. Interior unmarked. A Play copy. ~ All the tables you need are included on this handy 3-panel screen: monster hit rolls, saving throws, armor class, variable weapon damage, and several others. Experience tables for each character class are also given. The Combat Shield also comes with an Expert Game mini-adventure: "The Treasure of the Hideous One." ~ Dungeons & Dragons Accessory AC2.

Title: Combat Shield (Dungeons & Dragons) - NO MINI-ADVENTURE

Author(s): David Cook

Categories: Other,

Publisher catalog ID: TSR 9099

Publisher: TSR: 1984

ISBN: 088038073X

ISBN 13: 9780880380737

Format: Screen

Condition grade: Fair

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