New York, New York (Marvel Super Heroes Module MHAC6)

By: Kate Novak & Jeff Grubb

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Good+/VG- condition. Complete with both booklets, poster map, combat wheel (cut from sheet). Glossy cover. ~ Several products in one: Combat wheel and random adventure generator. Collection of short adventures. Expands the original campaign MARVEL SUPER HEROES map all the way to the river. Rogues' gallery of the powerful villains and heroes. ~ 16+16 pages

Title: New York, New York (Marvel Super Heroes Module MHAC6)

Author(s): Kate Novak & Jeff Grubb

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Publisher catalog ID: TSR 6863

Publisher: TSR: 1985

ISBN: 088038199X

ISBN 13: 9780880381994

Format: Staple Bound

Condition grade: Good+

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