Gammarauders: Game of Creatures and Chaos (Gamma World)

By: Allen Varney & Jeff Grubb

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Box is square, with wear. COMPLETE. Contains 6 double-sided bioborg cards (12 bioborgs total); 12 playing board hexagons; 200 counters; 12 bioborg counters; Fortress display cards; 12-page rule booklet; 20-page history booklet; 108 playing cards. Contents match list, moderately used. ~ Seven centuries after the Golden Age of Ancients, humanity is rebuilding the world. Your Cryptic Alliance - a secret, ancient brotherhood - wants to rebuild things in its own image. After all, if you don't do it, some other alliance - maybe even those vile Slugnoid scum - will! But to take over the world and really make it stick, you need the ultimate weapon. More than a giant robot, more than a colossal mutated beast, you need a blend of both - you need a BIOBORG! The GAMMARAUDERS board game is a wahoo science-fiction brawl for two to six players. Most games will run from one to two hours.

Title: Gammarauders: Game of Creatures and Chaos (Gamma World)

Author(s): Allen Varney & Jeff Grubb

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Publisher catalog ID: TSR 7015

Publisher: TSR: 1987

ISBN: 0880384751

ISBN 13: 9780880384759

Condition grade: Good

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