Supertemps: The Employment Agency for Metahumans (GURPS Supers)

By: Mark Johnson & Sean T. DeLap

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VG+ condition. Crisp, glossy cover. Nice. ~ Detailed descriptions of 29 new supers-for-hire, with powers running from the meek and mundane to the mystical and magical. Each comes with a fully-described character background, personality, philosophy and goals! Point totals range from 500 up, with details on raising or lowering the point value of some of the important heroes. * The complete background and history of Supertemps — the company's goals, organization and hiring practices. * Adventure seeds and advice on how to involve players in a Supertemps campaign, including information on how PCs can become employees of the company. * A Supertemps employment application. ~ 64 pages

Title: Supertemps: The Employment Agency for Metahumans (GURPS Supers)

Author(s): Mark Johnson & Sean T. DeLap

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Publisher catalog ID: SJG 6406

Publisher: Steve Jackson Games: 1990

ISBN: 1556341695

ISBN 13: 9781556341694

Format: Paperback

Condition grade: Very Good+

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