Monster Cards, Set 2 (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons)

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Good+ condition. Used cards, all 20 present. Bagged, missing original plastic case. ~ Monster Cards combine full-color illustrations with vital information on 20 AD&D monsters, including 3 totally new creatures, on handy 3" x 5" cards. ~ Monsters in set: Galeb Duhr; Gelatinous Cube; Giant Scorpion; Goblin; Gold Dragon; Hill Dwarf; Hill Giant; Hippogriff; Ixitxachitl; Land Urchin; Roper; Sabertooth Tiger; Satyr; Spectre; Stone Golem; Thri-Kreen; Troglodyte; Type V Demon; Tyrannosaurus Rex; Umber Hulk. ~ ADnD

Title: Monster Cards, Set 2 (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons)


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Publisher catalog ID: TSR 8010

Publisher: TSR: 1982

ISBN: 039452179X

ISBN 13: 9780394521794

Condition grade: Good+

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