Monster Cards, Set 1 (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons)

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Good+ condition. Moderately used, complete set. Missing original plastic case; nice modern ziploc substituted. ~ Monster Cards combine full-color illustrations with vital information on 20 AD&D monsters, including 3 totally new creatures, on handy 3" x 5" cards. ~ Monsters in set: Anhkheg; Barbed Devil; Centaur; Constrictor Snake; Displacer Beast; Frost Giant; Ghoul; Giant Weasel; Grippli; Kobold; Lizard Man; Mihstu; Neo-Otyugh; Red Dragon; Sahuagin; Salamander; Treant; Triceratops; Werewolf; Zorbo ~ ADnD

Title: Monster Cards, Set 1 (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons)


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Publisher catalog ID: TSR 8009

Publisher: TSR: 1982

ISBN: 0394521722

ISBN 13: 9780394521725

Format: Cards

Condition grade: Good+

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