To Find a King (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons module C4)

By: Bob Blake

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Glossy cover, little wear. Crisp, white pages. ~ Two centuries ago, the last king of the celtic kingdom of Pellham was deposed in favor of a High Council. Now, however, things are going badly, and a restless populace longs for the days of the ancient kingship. Prophecy says in Pellham's time of greatest need, a long-dead king will rise to restore order. You have been chosen to prove that this is the time of the prophecy. ~ ADnD ~ 32 pages

Title: To Find a King (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons module C4)

Author(s): Bob Blake

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Publisher catalog ID: TSR 9107

Publisher: TSR: 1985

ISBN: 0880381590

ISBN 13: 9780880381598

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