Crimson Skies: Collectible Miniatures Game

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Unused set. ~ The year is 1937. Air pirates raid giant zeppelins that serve as the lifelines between the countries of the now-fractured United States. Air militias have formed in every nation to fight the pirates - and each other. In this world, planes are faster, engines are bigger, guns are more powerful, and the adventures are more lethal. These are the heady days of heroic air combat in the deadly Crimson Skies game! ~ Contents: 64-page rulebook (with a 24-page, full-color comic book), quick-start rules sheet, two double-sided maps, Skills and Abilities Card, Talents and Abilities Card, 24 full-color navigation cards, 48 tokens, 24 maneuver markers, 6 dice, 3 storage envelopes.

Title: Crimson Skies: Collectible Miniatures Game


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Publisher: WizKids: 2003

ISBN: 1590410963

ISBN 13: 9781590410967

Format: BOX SET

Condition grade: Fine

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