House Kurita: The Draconis Combine (Battletech)

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Glossy cover. Spine wear. No loose pages. Maps still attached in back. ~ Dozens of full-color illustrations depict famous personalities, scenes, and military ranks, decorations, and insignia. Also included is Kurita history, from Shiro Kurita's bloody conquests while forging the Draconis Combine to Takashi Kurita's ruthless 'justice.' Every Combine 'Mech regiment from Rasalhague to Luthien is listed, along with the totalitarian government's structure, a description of the ISF (the Combine's secret police), and excerpts from the Dictum Honorium, which spells out the codes of conduct for Kurita citizens. ~ 192 pages

Title: House Kurita: The Draconis Combine (Battletech)


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Publisher catalog ID: FASA 1620

Publisher: FASA Corporation: 1987

ISBN: 1555600395

ISBN 13: 9781555600396

Format: Paperback

Condition grade: Good

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