Zombietown U.S.A. (GURPS Horror/Autoduel) - PLAY COPY

By: Barry Link

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Heavy cover wear. Unmarked inside. A Play copy. ~ As the investigators unfold the strange events shrouding Black Lake, they are drawn deeper and deeper into a comples web of horror, uncovering a sinister plot that is paralyzing the whole town. Only they can foil the plot that threatens to turn Black Lake into Zombietown U.S.A. ~ 64 pages

Title: Zombietown U.S.A. (GURPS Horror/Autoduel) - PLAY COPY

Author(s): Barry Link

Categories: Other,

Publisher catalog ID: SJG 6103

Publisher: Steve Jackson Games: 1988

ISBN: 1556341040

ISBN 13: 9781556341045

Format: Staple Bound

Condition grade: Fair

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