Gamma World: Science Fantasy Role Playing Game (2nd edition)

By: James Ward

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Complete, except dice of course. Rules booklet and poster map are crisp, very nice. Adventure Book has some use wear, no writing or detached sheets. Box is square, with moderate general wear. ~ CONTENTS: Basic Rules Booklet. Adventure Booklet. Double-sided mapsheet with post-apocalypse America on one side and the ruined city of Pitz Burke on the other. ~ The 2nd edition of the GW rules filled out the thinly-written 1st edition, with "expanded mutation, equipment and NPC descriptions, rewritten and reorganized basic rules and a full set of previously unpublished campaign rules." Also filled with Larry Elmore art; nearly all of the animal/monster/NPC encounters are sketched.

Title: Gamma World: Science Fantasy Role Playing Game (2nd edition)

Author(s): James Ward

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Publisher catalog ID: TSR 7010

Publisher: TSR: 1983

ISBN: 0394531582

ISBN 13: 9780394531588

Format: BOX SET

Condition grade: Very Good

Weight: 1.80 lbs

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