The Iron Wind (1st Edition: Parchment Cover) - PLAY COPY

By: Peter C. Fenlon & Terry Amthor

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Poor condition. Cover is quite worn in bottom left corner; small stain in bottom right corner (see photo). Pages 42-43 have a liquid splash. Other assorted, more minor issues. No writing. Centerfold color map in good shape. A cheap Play copy. ~ RARE PARCHMENT/B&W 1st PRINTING, one of only 5,000 printed. ~ The IRON WIND recounts the tale of Elor Once Dark, a famed Loremaster who traveled to the chill land of the Mur Fostisyr, snow-clad isles surrounded by cruel glaciers and treacherous icy waters. It is the home of the Iron Wind, an arm of the unlife threatening to subdue the valiant peoples of the isles. Demons, Supernatural assassins, Dragonlords and corrupt Elven priests all serve the dark purpose of the Iron Wind as they strive to further drive apart the already divided peoples. Against these terrifying minions stand the Elvish Ky'taari; the stout, hardy Fustir, the secretive, superhuman Udahir in their subterranean metropolis; and the fierce, warlike Syrkakar - who are already falling under the cruel shadow of the Iron Wind. ~ 68 pages

Title: The Iron Wind (1st Edition: Parchment Cover) - PLAY COPY

Author(s): Peter C. Fenlon & Terry Amthor

Categories: Other,

Publisher: Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE): 1980

Format: Staple Bound

Condition grade: Poor

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