Best of Dragon Magazine, Vol. V - PLAY COPY

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Heavy cover wear. Name inside cover. ~ ARTICLES: Thrills and chills (arctic adventuring); Mind of the monster; The oracle; Firearms; A second volley; Instant adventures; Modern monsters (cars); How many coins in a coffer?; What do you call a 25th-level wizard? (level titles); Ruins; Libraries; Keep 'em guessing; The real barbarians; Tarsakh showers (calendars); The humanoids; Best wishes; Magic for merchants; Spell strategy; Good hits & bad misses; The Astral Plane. ~ 80 pages

Title: Best of Dragon Magazine, Vol. V - PLAY COPY


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Publisher catalog ID: TSR 8113

Publisher: TSR: 1986

ISBN: 0880382902

ISBN 13: 9780880382908

Format: Staple Bound

Condition grade: Fair

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