Dragon Magazine, Issue 67

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Glossy cover, moderate wear. Small stain on pgs 26/27. Fedifensor module detached, but present. A Play copy. ~ Fedifensor: A scenario for AD&D adventuring on the Astral Plane (centerfold module); Eleven new arachnids; Deities and Demigods of the World of Greyhawk: Heironeous, Hextor, Iuz, and St. Cuthbert; The Astral Plane [Astral encounters; Astral traveling; Encounter checks and the Psychic Wind; Movement & combat; Magical alterations] ~ 80 pages

Title: Dragon Magazine, Issue 67


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Publisher: TSR: 11/1982

ISBN: 039452862X

ISBN 13: 9780394528625

Format: Staple Bound

Condition grade: Good

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