The Turakian Age (Fantasy Hero)

By: Steven S. Long

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Crisp, glossy cover. Nice. ~ Describes what Earth was like tens of thousands of years ago, when the shape of the land was different and magic ruled the world. Detailing dozens of kingdoms and lands (from the mighty Hargeshite Empire of Vashkhor, to the black and mysterious realm of Thfn, to the windswept Gorthundan Steppes), a complete magic system with dozens of new spells, an entire pantheon of exotic gods, and hundreds of opportunities for adventure, it’s an ideal setting for any Fantasy Hero campaign. ~ 319 pages

Title: The Turakian Age (Fantasy Hero)

Author(s): Steven S. Long

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Publisher catalog ID: HER 504

Publisher: Hero Games: 2004

ISBN: 1583660267

ISBN 13: 9781583660263

Condition grade: Fine

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