Far Traveller, Issue #1

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Moderate cover wear. Name inside cover, otherwise no marks. ~ Visit Roakhoi, a world where Aslan and human colonists have met and mingled... journey through the scattered islands or into the rugged wilderness of an unsettled continent. From Way ah to Leurays, Oistea to Mt. Prospect, its all here — an in-depth look at the world, its people, an.d the adventures that are awaiting unwary travellers. Other features include The Port Authority Handbook with a discussion of Inward Clearance procedures, weapons accessories in Travellers' Gear, a map and description of the Ea subsector in Reavers' Deep, and much, much more! ~ 64 pages

Title: Far Traveller, Issue #1


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Publisher: FASA Corporation: 1982

ISBN: 0425066916

ISBN 13: 9780425066911

Format: Staple Bound

Condition grade: Good

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