RoadKill: Armored Warfare on the Nation's Highways

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Good+/VG- condition. Box has moderate wear. Card, counters verified complete. See photo. ~ COMPONENTS: * Two 64-card Action decks * One rules folder * One sheet of die-cut cars and markers * Twelve Control Panels and Damage Charts * Beginner's Track rules and board. ~ The pampered athletes of the last century have been replaced by desperate men willing to stake their lives in mortal competition. One such sport is the Cross-Country Demolition Race in which drivers in modified vehicles compete for vast prizes on specially constructed courses. To its blood-crazed fans, it is known simply as ROADKILL.

Title: RoadKill: Armored Warfare on the Nation's Highways


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Publisher catalog ID: AH 6440

Publisher: Avalon Hill: 1993

ISBN: 1560380772

ISBN 13: 9781560380771

Condition grade: Good+

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