Patriots of Ulek (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons / Greyhawk Module WGQ1)

By: Anthony Pryor

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Still in Factory Shrinkwrap! Trivial wear. ~ The Great War may be over, but the battles continue. Rumors and facts are often confused in the aftermath. Depending on who you listen to, Prinzfeld is either under attack or perfectly safe. Turrosh Mak is on his way, with hordes of orcs at his command - ridiculous, he would never attempt an invasion at this time. Graf Twembly is being held hostage, and near death - no, he's just under the weather and hasn't felt like coming out of the castle lately. A dwarven prince has requested your party's aid in quelling the coming invasion (if there is one, of course). ~ 32 pages

Title: Patriots of Ulek (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons / Greyhawk Module WGQ1)

Author(s): Anthony Pryor

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Publisher catalog ID: TSR 9385

Publisher: TSR: 1992

ISBN: 156076449X

ISBN 13: 9781560764496

Format: Staple Bound

Condition grade: Fine+

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