Questlines: A Gloranthan Journeybook (Glorantha/Runequest)

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Crisp, very little wear. ~ On Snakepipe's Edge - A Far Point campaign base. TarosKarla - A Far Point founding myth. Spirits of the Far Place - Introducing the Elder Tribes. A Far Point Stead Calendar - Harvest, herding and hunting. A Far Point Chronology - From Sunrise to Starbrow. Rituals of the Far Place - Orlanthi rituals to spice up play. Exile 1614 - A Fragment of Memory. Tribes of the Alda-Churi - The Land and its History. A Visitor from Prax - Jaxarte's Holiday Postcard. Bluefoot Orlanthi - A Look at the Tovtaros Tribe. ~ 76 pages

Title: Questlines: A Gloranthan Journeybook (Glorantha/Runequest)


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Publisher: Reaching Moon Megacorp: 1995

Format: Staple Bound

Condition grade: Very Good

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