Grey Worlds Volume IV, Issue XV (Rolemaster)

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Crisp, nice. ~ A fanzine published in support of Rolemaster. Critical Decisions; Moremaster; Proper Channels; In Other Worlds; Pandora's Box (Equipment); Multiple User Items; Witches And Wizards Revisited; Natural and Enchanted Herbs; Manual Dexterity (Rules Option); Optional Stalk And Hide Modifiers (Rules Option); Chronomancy; Chronomancer (Profession); Time's Distortion (Spell List); Temporal Manipulation (Spell List); Chronomancy (Spell List); Intangible Ways (Spell List); Spy (Profession); The Tarot of Many Teachings; Medieval Adventuring in Rolemaster. ~ 48 pages

Title: Grey Worlds Volume IV, Issue XV (Rolemaster)


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Publisher: Grey Worlds: 12/31/1992

Format: Staple Bound

Condition grade: Very Good

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