The Order of Hermes (Ars Magica)

By: Jonathan Tweet

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Glossy cover, little wear. ~ The mysteries of apprenticeship, the ambitions of potent magicians, their views of "lesser" non-magical society, and the long, hard path from apprentice to Arch-Mage all come to life within these pages. This supplement gives magicians the broader scope and detail that such interesting characters deserve. You are given an inside (and rare) look into a most secretive institution and its members, the enigmatic Order of Hermes, making it an invaluable supplement for any roleplaying game. Herein is a complete and detailed description of an arcane society of wizards - your magus will never be the same. ~ 126 pages

Title: The Order of Hermes (Ars Magica)

Author(s): Jonathan Tweet

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Publisher catalog ID: LR 1020

Publisher: Lion Rampant: 1990

Format: Paperback

Condition grade: Very Good

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