Darktek Sourcebook (Dark Conspiracy)

By: Charles E. Gannon

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Average wear. ~ For many, HiTek is the truest symbol of high status. Worn like a coat of arms, it distinguishes the movers and shakers from the increasingly disenfranchised hordes of 'commoners' below. In this volume, you will find items ranging from the gruesome biologic weapons of the Dark Minions, to the futuristic constructs of the ETs, to the most advanced in human technology. But all belong to the world of Dark Conspiracy, a world that is itself ever more a product of DarkTek. ~ 104 pages

Title: Darktek Sourcebook (Dark Conspiracy)

Author(s): Charles E. Gannon

Categories: Games,

Publisher catalog ID: GDW 2102

Publisher: Game Designers Workshop (GDW): 1991

ISBN: 155878084X

ISBN 13: 9781558780842

Format: Paperback

Condition grade: Good

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