Wars (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Greyhawk)

By: David "Zeb" Cook

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VG+ condition. Crisp, very nice set. Contains both booklets, both maps, unpunched counter & card sheets. Even has the original 2d10. Box is square, glossy, little wear, nice. ~ Between two and six players can battle, deciding the Flanaess's fate in diplomacy and war, and leading armies and heroes. History of the war, optional advanced rules for hard-core wargamers. Muster your armies, ranging from light infantry to dragons - with your favorite demi-humans and monsters as well! Search for treasure or mercenaries and receive the gods' blessing (or curse) through special events.

Title: Wars (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Greyhawk)

Author(s): David "Zeb" Cook

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Publisher catalog ID: TSR 1068

Publisher: TSR: 1991

ISBN: 1560760869

ISBN 13: 9781560760863

Format: BOX SET

Condition grade: Very Good+

Weight: 1.70 lbs

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