Mutant Crawl Classics: Hardcover Edition

By: Jim Wampler & Joseph Goodman

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Hardcover. Binding has a slight tilt; a publishing error, as this is essentially a new book. Nice. See photo. ~ 1st printing. ~ You're no zero. You're a wasteland wanderer: a mutant, a seeker, a robot-killer, a stoic shaman guarding forgotten ancient sciences. You seek triumph and technology, winning it with mutations and magic, soaked in the radiation and quantum fields of the mutated, the savage, the semi-sentient, and the artificially intelligent. There are treasures to be won in the taboo lands and ruins, and you shall have them. ~ 288 pages

Title: Mutant Crawl Classics: Hardcover Edition

Author(s): Jim Wampler & Joseph Goodman

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Publisher catalog ID: GMG6200

Publisher: Goodman Games: 2017

ISBN: 1946231045

ISBN 13: 9781946231048

Condition grade: Very Good

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