Hex: Escort to Hell (DC Heroes role playing module)

By: Matthew J. Costello

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VG+ condition. Crisp, glossy cover. Cardstock maps still stapled in the centerfold. Nice. ~ When you were back in the Old West you knew what was happening and what to expect. IT IS THE 21st CENTURY. You are surrounded by an alien and hostile world, yet you have survived; you have gained a reputation here as one who can hold his own. Now you, Jonah Hex, face the greatest challenge of your life as an Escort to Hell! ~ 32 pages

Title: Hex: Escort to Hell (DC Heroes role playing module)

Author(s): Matthew J. Costello

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Publisher catalog ID: MGI 214

Publisher: Mayfair Games: 1986

ISBN: 0912771496

ISBN 13: 9780912771496

Format: Staple Bound

Condition grade: Very Good+

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