2010 Odyssey Two Adventure (Star Frontiers)

By: Bruce Nesmith & Carl Smith

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Still in (torn) Factory Shrinkwrap. Very little wear. ~ Your ship arrives to complete the Discovery's mission: solve the mysteries behind the monolith. You must also determine what happened to the Discovery's commander, who disappeared into the monolith nine years ago. Then, if it's possible, you must repair the crippled Discovery and restart HAL, the super-computer that murdered most of the Discovery's crew. Unnoticed, the monolith stirs. It, too, has a mission, a mission prepared millions of years ago — and about to begin. This module includes a large map sheet, pictures from the movie 2010, and new character skills! ~ 32 pages

Title: 2010 Odyssey Two Adventure (Star Frontiers)

Author(s): Bruce Nesmith & Carl Smith

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Publisher catalog ID: TSR 7816

Publisher: TSR: 1984

ISBN: 0880381833

ISBN 13: 9780880381833

Format: Staple Bound

Condition grade: Fine

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