JLA Sourcebook (DC Universe)

By: Fred Jandt & Nikola Vrtis

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Crisp, glossy cover. SIGNED by Nikola Vrtis on title page. Gorgeous. ~ Information on the current roster of the JLA and the JLA Watchtower. It also contains facts on the founding members of the JLA, the members of Young Justice, the bases of these two teams, and the adversaries of these incarnations of the JLA. A supplement for the DC Universe Roleplaying Game. ~ 160 pages

Title: JLA Sourcebook (DC Universe)

Author(s): Fred Jandt & Nikola Vrtis

Categories: Games,

Publisher catalog ID: WEG 52006

Publisher: West End Games: 2000

ISBN: 1930753020

ISBN 13: 9781930753020

Format: Paperback

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