Rolemaster Companion IV

By: Coleman Charlton

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Moderate general wear. Former owner's initials inside cover, otherwise no writing inside. ~ A complete index of all spells and spell lists from Spell Law, the Rolemaster Companions, and Elemental Companion. A complete Gamemaster Checklist and Index of all optional rules, professions, races, and spell lists in Rolemaster, Creatures and Treasures (I & II), and the Companions. New professions, skills, spell lists, and individual spells. New optional rules and guidelines for: maneuvers, maneuver fumbles, revised combat sequences, subdual attacks, shield bashes, spell catalysts, power point undercasting, spell memorization, power from the gods, meditation, spell mastery, omens, unnatural phenomena, selectable background options, quick NPC generation, and much more. ~ 96 pages

Title: Rolemaster Companion IV

Author(s): Coleman Charlton

Categories: Fiction,

Publisher catalog ID: ICE 1800

Publisher: Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE): 1991

ISBN: 1558061274

ISBN 13: 9781558061279

Format: Paperback

Condition grade: Good

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