Tegel Manor (4th printing)

By: Bob Bledsaw & Bill Owen

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1980 purple-cover edition, 4th printing. Complete with booklet and DM map. The product list on the last page has a couple of notations, otherwise unmarked. ~ Tegel Manor, a great manor-fortress on the seacoast, Is rumored to be left over from ancient days when a charm was placed over it protecting it from most of the ravages of time and human occupation. The hereditary owners, whose family name is Rump, have been amiss in their traditional duty of providing protection for the market village to the west. Some have said that this failing and their bizarre eccentricities have led to their corruption. Many have found the manor and area to be a dangerous place to visit! ~ 30 pages

Title: Tegel Manor (4th printing)

Author(s): Bob Bledsaw & Bill Owen

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Publisher: Judges Guild: 1980

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Condition grade: Very Good

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