BlackEagle/BlackEagle Operative's Kit (Millennium's End)

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Set contains both books and "newspaper". No ID card or bumper sticker. ~ The kit contains two sourcebooks for players and GMs alike: ~ 1. The Tactics and Investigations Handbook covers the how-to's of infiltrating high-security office blocks, conducting jungle operations, interrogating informants, and negotiating the streets, plus hundreds of other points for investigations and tactical operations. ~ 2. The Operations Policy Handbook covers BlackEagle company policy on operations, contracts, support, and troubleshoots in the rocky, post-Cold-War world. ~ 88+24 pages

Title: BlackEagle/BlackEagle Operative's Kit (Millennium's End)


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Publisher catalog ID: CEE 011-003

Publisher: Chameleon Eclectic: 1992

ISBN: 0962874833

ISBN 13: 9780962874833

Condition grade: Fair

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