Solomani (Traveller Alien Module 6)

By: Marc Miller & John Harshman

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Good+/VG- condition. Glossy cover, light general wear. Unmarked inside. ~ The Ancients visited Terra millennia ago and carried some of Earth's humans off to the stars. The Solomani are the ones who were left behind; they continued to evolve under perfect conditions - on the world where their ancestors were born. When the Solomani finally invented star drive, they burst out to find most of the worlds already claimed, but they took them anyway. It was the Solomani who single handedly brought, down the Vilani Imperium, established the Rule of Man, and brought on the Long Night. ~ 49 pages

Title: Solomani (Traveller Alien Module 6)

Author(s): Marc Miller & John Harshman

Categories: Fiction,

Publisher catalog ID: GDW 260

Publisher: Game Designers Workshop (GDW): 1986

ISBN: 0943580072

ISBN 13: 9780943580074

Condition grade: Good+

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