GURPS The Prisoner: Roleplaying In The Village

By: David Ladyman

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Crisp, glossy cover. Very nice. ~ The authorized roleplaying worldbook for The Prisoner, the classic British series starring Patrick McGoohan. It describes The Village and its inhabitants, both wardens and prisoners; covers the science available to No. 2; tells how to prepare and run a Prisoner campaign, with special emphasis on roleplaying paranoia. ''Arrival'' introduces a party of prisoners into The Village. Also includes a bibliography of Prisoner material and synopses of all seventeen episodes. ~ 96 pages

Title: GURPS The Prisoner: Roleplaying In The Village

Author(s): David Ladyman

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Publisher catalog ID: SJG 6030

Publisher: Steve Jackson Games: 1989

ISBN: 155634161X

ISBN 13: 9781556341618

Format: Paperback

Condition grade: Fine

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