Tabloid Game (Amazing Engine System)

By: David "Zeb" Cook

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Crisp, glossy cover. Little wear. POSTER MAP still attached inside back cover. ~ Most people today don't believe in all this "non-scientific" and "unproven" stuff, but as a reporter for one of those high-circulation, colorful supermarket tabloids, you know they're wrong! It's those so-called crackpots who hold the secrets to everything, but they're afraid to reveal them for fear that groups like THE CONSPIRACY will destroy them. But those sorts of threats have never stopped you. The truth must be told! In living color with three-inch headlines and as many lurid photographs as possible! ~ 144 pages

Title: Tabloid Game (Amazing Engine System)

Author(s): David "Zeb" Cook

Categories: Games,

Publisher catalog ID: TSR 2710

Publisher: TSR: 1994

ISBN: 1560769122

ISBN 13: 9781560769125

Format: Paperback

Condition grade: Very Good

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