Ducks: Guide to the Durulz (RuneQuest) (Glorantha: The Second Age)

By: Bryan Steele

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Crisp, glossy cover. Little wear. ~ Glorantha's most misunderstood and iconic race, the Ducks! Others call them accursed but these proud, independent creatures have their own traditions; calling themselves Durulz, they claim a defamed history and fight to see their place in the world restored - or revised. Ducks also covers the lesser-known bird tribes who share Keetsland with the most famous breed. ~ 120 pages

Title: Ducks: Guide to the Durulz (RuneQuest) (Glorantha: The Second Age)

Author(s): Bryan Steele

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Publisher catalog ID: MGP 8156

Publisher: Mongoose Publishing: 2008

ISBN: 1906103674

ISBN 13: 9781906103675

Format: Paperback

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