Ground Vehicle Guide (2300AD RPG)

By: Loren K. Wiseman

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Crisp, little wear. ~ 34 vehicles and their variants, both civilian and military, all fully illustrated. Ranging from small, two-passenger vehicles (such as the Matsu Snow-Demon) upward through American, French, and German combat vehicles to the largest ground tanks and cargo hovercraft. Color plates depict either cutaways or exterior views of the American M9 hovertank and M24A3 hover APC, the French CC-12, the German LkPz-IX and GfPzTr-XIII and the Australian Kangaroo-IV. The module includes patches and vehicle emblems in full color, and color illustrations of add-on vehicle accessories (including a Pentapod air cleaner). ~ 64 pages

Title: Ground Vehicle Guide (2300AD RPG)

Author(s): Loren K. Wiseman

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Publisher catalog ID: GDW 1036

Publisher: Game Designers Workshop (GDW): 1988

ISBN: 0943580994

ISBN 13: 9780943580999

Format: Paperback

Condition grade: Very Good

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