Shadowland Magazine, Vol. 3 (Shadowrun)

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Glossy cover, little wear. Nice. ~ ARTICLES: Amethysts (short story, Jennifer Baker & Christopher Maley), Arabian Magic in the Sixth World (magical traditions, Steve Kenson), Another Good Run (short story, Wesley Tester), The Gross-Frankfurt Sprawl (city description, Jonathan Szeto), Super Tuesday: A Preview (FASA), The Hermetic Lodge (spells, Chriss Hussey), The Wave-Form Nature of Magic (magical theory, Erik S. Jameson), Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (short story, Jay Fugiel), Celtic Totems (Steve Kenson), Get Out Of The Water! (short adventure, Steve Kenson), Magical Groups (Steve Kenson), All Gear, No Guns (equipment and vehicles, Erik Jameson), Second Tier Solutions (corporations, Erik Jameson). ~ 56 pages

Title: Shadowland Magazine, Vol. 3 (Shadowrun)


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Publisher catalog ID: SOK 203

Publisher: Sword of the Knight Publications: 4/1996

Format: Staple Bound

Condition grade: Very Good

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