Lost Caverns (Hackmaster Adventure S4)

By: Phil Thompson

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Glossy cover, little wear. Unmarked inside. ~ Nearly a century ago, the Arch-Magess Izzlshyzl tasked her evil minions to enslave the lands around her home. The successful conquest brought about the subjugation of the lands around her realm for a decade. Captured treasure poured into the magess' coffers though never sufficient to quench her insatiable demands for jewelry and luxury goods. According to legend, a discovery deep within the mountains caused her prestige to soar when magic of unsurpassed power saw the light of day. It is certain the Arch-Magess ruled her dominion from the caverns where she conducted arcane experiments and rituals in order to further increase her already formidible magical powers. Here success and increasing prowess ironically proved to be her downfall. ~ 48 pages

Title: Lost Caverns (Hackmaster Adventure S4)

Author(s): Phil Thompson

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Publisher catalog ID: K&C 2215

Publisher: Kenzer & Co: 2004

ISBN: 1594590095

ISBN 13: 9781594590092

Format: Paperback

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