Shadowland Magazine, Vol. 4 (Shadowrun)

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Crisp, glossy cover. Nice. ~ ARTICLES: The Shopping Mall (equipment, Erik Jameson), The Street Gang Campaign (alternative campaign setting, Steve Kenson), Serious Buckshot (shotguns, Kevin Montanaro), 2056 Harley Davidson Ultra-Glide (vehicle, Kevin Montanaro), The Ahvaz Diaspora (magical background, Erik Jameson), VatJob (adventure, Andrew Ragland), A Star Is Dead (short adventure, Chris Hussey), Dead Air (novel preview, Jak Koke). ~ 56 pages

Title: Shadowland Magazine, Vol. 4 (Shadowrun)


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Publisher catalog ID: SOK 204

Publisher: Sword of the Knight Publications: 8/1996

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Condition grade: Very Good

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