Judges Guild Journal, Issue 19 (Feb/March 1980)

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Crisp, glossy cover. Gorgeous. ~ A Melee System; Martial Artists Errata; Class Consciousness; Witches; Doors; Who Cares if Magic-Users Are Equal to Fighters; An Adjusted Dexterity Table; A New Wargames Rating System; The Dungeon Vlademor; Lord Foul's Demondim Spawn; Poisons - Types and Reactions; Falling Accidents; Beating, Bashing, and General Mugging; Estimating Power; Players' and Judge's Flowcharts; Omniscient Opinions; Prodigious Platemail. ~ 64 pages

Title: Judges Guild Journal, Issue 19 (Feb/March 1980)


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Publisher: Judges Guild: 1980

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Condition grade: Fine

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