Terror in the Skies (Earthdawn)

By: Shane Lacy Hensley

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Crisp, glossy cover. Nice. ~ An innocent visit to the city of Travar catapults you into danger, intrigue, and an ancient, magical mystery. Flying, fire-breathing Horrors plague the city's skies, attacking merchant airships and slaying their crews. The chief of Travar's Flying Patrol asks your help; your quest to defeat the monsters leads you to a hidden, windling kaer high in the Thunder Mountains. ~ 96 pages

Title: Terror in the Skies (Earthdawn)

Author(s): Shane Lacy Hensley

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Publisher catalog ID: FASA 6302

Publisher: FASA Corporation: 1994

ISBN: 1555602223

ISBN 13: 9781555602222

Format: Paperback

Condition grade: Very Good

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