Immortal: Lost Trinity (Narrator's Episode Script)

By: Ran Ackels

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Crisp, glossy cover. CD present inside back cover. A folded Immortal poster is leafed inside front cover. Nice. ~ From the cosmic furnace of the crucible, three primordial powers have been summoned... A centuries old plot is about to culminate and the corruption of the flesh will now either triumph or be redeemed. Can your cast overcome the temptation of ultimate power? Immortals Role Playing game supplement. ~ 126 pages

Title: Immortal: Lost Trinity (Narrator's Episode Script)

Author(s): Ran Ackels

Categories: Fiction,

Publisher catalog ID: PDN 1301

Publisher: Precedence Publishing: 1995

ISBN: 188568102x

ISBN 13: 9781885681027

Format: Paperback

Condition grade: Fine

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