Ætherverse: The Infinite Game of Miniature Battles

By: Jason Lauborough

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Crisp, glossy cover. Gorgeous. ~ It is the year 2364. War rages across the Ætherverse. Armies open gates between parallel universes and fall upon the worlds within. They come in search of resources, plunder, or slaves. Worlds raise what defense they can: some technological, some diplomatic, and some even attempt to turn back invaders through more mystical means. ~ 176 pages

Title: Ætherverse: The Infinite Game of Miniature Battles

Author(s): Jason Lauborough

Categories: Other,

Publisher catalog ID: TKD-1001

Publisher: Triskele Game Design Studios: 2004

ISBN: 1890305537

ISBN 13: 9781890305536

Format: Paperback

Condition grade: Fine

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