Junta: The Game of Power, Intrigue, Money and Revolution

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COMPLETE. All listed items present, even the dice. Counters unpunched. Box has light dishing and wear, art look nice. ~ CONTENTS: * Gameboard * Political & Event Cards * Money * Counters (100, 1 sheet) * Rule book ~ A game for 4 to 7 players with special 2 and 3 player variants. The gameboard represents the capital city of a third world nation. The vast majority are impoverished, illiterate and apolitical; however, dangerous riots and disturbances do occur. The Junta is generously supported by a super power that asks no questions. The goal of the few wealthy ruling families of the Junta is to siphon this generous support to their own Swiss bank accounts by intrigue, assassination, bribery and revolution. Each player represents one of the families.

Title: Junta: The Game of Power, Intrigue, Money and Revolution


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Publisher: Creative Wargames Workshop: 1979

Format: BOX SET

Condition grade: Very Good

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