Catskills - Game of Moonshine & Clanwars in the Backwoods

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Still in Factory Shrinkwrap! ~ Grab yer shotgun and fill them thar Mason-Dixon jars fer a hill-country hootenanny! Makin' moonshine, fendin' off yer neighbors and tryin' t' talk Betty Sue t' join yer clan; all parts of yer life - but watch out fer that Virginnie reel. You could lose yer best still! ~ Or better yet, grab the mountain gun and yer blue-tick hound and go asearchin' fer their stills! Cause after all, yer family needs the money fer some fresh corn and a new kettle fer th'still out on ol' Copperhead Road an' them hatcoys r' takin all the biziness! Time t' even th' score...

Title: Catskills - Game of Moonshine & Clanwars in the Backwoods


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Publisher: Inner City Game Designs: 2001

Condition grade: New

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