Dragon Magazine, Issue 229

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Glossy cover, little wear. ~ Magic Miscibility; Rhabdomancer - mages who specialize in divining and dousing; Illusionist advice; Curses; Bazaar of the Bizarre - The Magic of India; Three new mages - frost wizards, fiend slayers and spiritualists; Rogue's Gallery - Tylk; The Wu Jen - Oriental Adventures mage gets a facelift for AD&D 2nd edition; Keep those 1st-level mages alive; Not all magic has to be flashy; Make a Grade-A NPC. ~ 120 pages

Title: Dragon Magazine, Issue 229


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Publisher: TSR: 5/1996

ISBN: 0786905581

ISBN 13: 9780786905584

Format: Paperback

Condition grade: Very Good

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